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Gourmet Cream Cheese
Freshly whipped lite cream cheese.

Plain or Lite
4 oz. 1.39
8 oz. 2.69
1 lb. 4.59

Garden Veggie

4 oz. 1.79
8 oz. 3.49
1 lb. 5.99

Garlic & Herb

4 oz. 1.79
8 oz. 3.49
1 lb. 5.99

Spinach and Artichoke
4 oz. 1.79
8 oz. 3.49
1 lb. 5.99

Pecan Delight

4 oz. 1.79
8 oz. 3.49
1 lb. 5.99


4 oz. 1.79
8 oz. 3.49
1 lb. 5.99

Smoked Salmon
4 oz. 2.09
8 oz. 3.99
1 lb. 6.99

Breakfast Bagels

Toasted Bagel - .89

Buttery Bagel - 1.09

Toasted bagel with butter, margarine or fat free butter spray.

Bagel with Jam - 1.50
Toasted bagel with jam, jelly, or peanut butter.

Bagel with Cream Cheese - 2.09

Toasted bagel with your choice of cream cheese.

Breakfast Sandwich - 3.49
Your choice of ham, sausage or bacon with egg and American cheese on bagel, biscuit, croissant or toasted bread with cinnamon bagel chips.

Breakfast Bagel or Biscuit - 1.99
Your choice of ham, sausage or bacon.




Cinnamon Raisin


Sesame Seed

Poppy Seed


Sundried Tomato




Chocolate Chip


Banana Nut


Honey Wheat

Sugar Bustin Wheat

Specialty Sandwiches

Served on your choice of bagel, bread or croissant with bagel chips, dip, and Kosher dill pickle spear.

Brooklyn Bomber - 6.69
Deli chicken breast with melted Havarti cheese, homemade spicy mayo and tomatoes.

New York Club - 6.89
Smoked turkey, bacon, mayo, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and sprouts.

Manhattan Skyscraper - 6.79

Hot pastrami, melted mozzarella cheese, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato and shredded onion.

Staten Island - 6.89

Grilled chicken, melted American cheese dressed with mayo, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions.

Broadway's Best - 6.89
Roast beef, muenster cheese, dijon mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Tavern on the Green - 6.69
Spiced turkey breast, melted Swiss cheese, dijon mustard and alfalfa sprouts.

The Cabbie - 6.79
New York style corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato and finely shredded onions.

The New Yorker - 7.59
Nova Lox (smoked salmon), cream cheese, finely shredded onions and capers.

BBQ Bronx - 6.99

Juicy beef brisket topped with our Smokey Reserve BBQ sauce, onions, and Kosher dill pickles served on a hoagie roll.

Ruben - 6.79

Corned beef, melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and 1000 Island dressing served on rye bread.

Twin Towers - 5.59
Choice of 2 melted cheeses dressed with lettuce and tomato.

Chicken Salad - 5.99

Made with 100% chicken breast and NYB's secret spices.

Tuna Salad - 5.99

Made with homemade spicy mayo and NYB's secret spices.


Whole 12.99
Half 7.99
1/4 6.49
Salami, ham, provolone cheese with lettuce and olive mix on a muffaletta bun.

BLT - 5.99
Bacon, melted American cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato.

Veggie Bagel Sandwich - 5.99
Cream cheese or melted cheese with lettuce, tomato, green bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms and pickles.

Mulberry - 6.89

Capicola ham, salami, provolone cheese, vinaigrette dressing, lettuce, tomato and red onions.

The Soho - 6.89

Grilled chicken Caesar salad topped with red onions, bacon and Parmesan cheese.

Criossants is an additional .50

Bagel Pizzas

Little Italy - 5.59

Our own pizza sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and a dash of Italian seasonings.
Add pepperoni or mushrooms .45

Veggie Pizza - 5.99
Little Italy plus mushrooms, green bell peppers, onions and jalapenos.

Village Pizza - 5.79
Fresh spinach, mozzarella cheese, garlic and roma tomatoes.


Soup du Jour - 4.50

Cup of soup is 3.50 with purchase of a specialty sandwich.

1/2 Specialty Sandwich with Soup - 7.50

Taste of Philly
Served with bagel chips, dip, and a Kosher dill pickle spear.

Philly Cheese Steak
Regular 7.69
Large 9.39
Grilled rib eye steak on a hoagie roll, served with grilled onions, green bell peppers and melted provolone cheese.

Philly Cheese Chicken

Regular 7.69
Large 9.39
Grilled Chicken on a hoagie roll, served with grilled onions, green bell peppers and melted provolone cheese.

Pizza Steak
Regular 7.89
Large 9.59
Grilled rib eye steak on a hoagie roll, served with pizza sauce, grilled onions, green bell peppers, and melted mozzarella cheese.

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